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r xnxx japanese new riches. It was much more than she had let desi xnxx on to Jack. If Laurie was right about her daughter's potential, Jacqueline's power was going to be greatly needed in the dark days to come. A Change of Direction xnxx hindi Chapter 8 "Where xnxx vina garut the hell was he?" his still sleep fogged mind demanded. Slowly, he fought his way to full wakefulness and tried to take stock of gay xnxx his surroundings. Nothing was familiar. Nothing was as it had been when he had fallen asleep or as it had been for the last four years of his life. Only xnxx. com his window that overlooked Mum's garden was where it belonged, but xnxx jav everything else was. . . . wrong. His basketball poster, his model planes and cars, his sports memorabilia - every single thing that had been his was gone. In their place were odd, fragile xnxx telugu looking little nick-nacks, crystal statues, dolls and a rock singer poster. A male rock singer that Jack xnxx .com could not stand in the least. And all *his* furniture was gone, too, replaced by a vina garut xnxx very xvideo feminine, ivory colored ensemble. Even the bed xnnn he'd fallen japanese xnxx asleep in was gone, replaced instead by a frill-laden canopy bed. Mother. It had to be indo xnxx Mother. His hands came up to cup the soft mounds of flesh that now a part of him. It had not been just a dream, after all. A nightmare, maybe, and from the looks of his room, Mother had used her magic to up the ante while he'd slept. He started to get out of xnxx selingkuh bed and nearly fell when instinctive movements learned over the course of a lifetime did not take into account xxnxx his new center of gravity. Overbalanced by his new weight japan xnxx distribution, he only just caught himself on the bed frame. xnxx tv Carefully, and xnxx korea with a great deal of conscious effort, he rose again and moved about to inspect "his" room more xnxx japanese closely. His large dresser had been replaced by an ornate armoire xnxx video while his desk had become a sex xnxx vanity table covered with a variety of tubes, bottles and pots that held things he really did not want to think about. On entering his walk-in closet, he was greeted by nothing but rows of empty hangers and shelves. Every hint of his video xnxx male identity had been ripped from the room, as ruthlessly and as completely as his masculinity had been ripped xnxx. com from him. In stunned disbelief, Jack stood there in the door to his closet and quietly mourned the loss of all the little prizes and treasures of a lifetime. A stray xnxx desi lock of hair fell across his face and resisted his best effort to clear it out of his eyes. Slowly, zoo xnxx he walked over to the vanity and found the very feminine hairbrush he knew would be there. His mother was nothing if not attentive to the fine details. porno Jack quickly came to rue that he'd never gone through a "long-hair" stage as a male so that he could have known how to deal with the shaggy mane. Brushing that tangled black mass was itself a tortuous experience in self abuse. He quietly admitted to himself he should have listened to Mum's advice xxxx and brushed it out more thoroughly the previous morning. He brushed it furiously until he could not find any more snarls and then tried to figure out www.xnxx how xxx xnxx to keep desi xnxx the damn stuff out of his face. Rubber bands xnxx 2019 seemed the simplest solution, and soon his mane was gathered behind his head. It was not elegant, but he xxn could see again. A butch sunny leone xnxx cut was looking better and better to him. What to wear was the next question and there was only one answer immediately evident. xnxx porno A pair of white panties and a folded white cotton terrycloth robe rested on the cushioned stool in front of the vanity table. A pair of pink xvideos rubber shower slippers, rested beside the stool on the floor. Jack stripped off the sweatshirt and man's jogging shorts he had worn since yesterday and donned the garments his mother xnxx/ had left xnxx asia for him. He was disappointed, but not especially surprised, when his discarded clothes had simply disappeared before his eyes. As ready as he was likely to be, Jack moved out of the relative sanctuary of his room, and went off to face his Mother. He found her seated at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, a plate of toast in front of her. Her chin xnxx bokep rested heavily in the palm of her free hand. Dark smudges bagged under her half open eyes and fatigue lines cut starkly into her normally smooth face. Walking mom xnxx past her to pour a cup for himself, he turned back to her. "Busy night, Mother-darling?" he asked with heavy irony, as he sat down across from her. She cocked xnxx desi one of her eyes at him, but porno xnxx displayed no other emotion at his jibe. "Obviously, Jacqueline. There was a lot that xvideo had to be done if we were going to be able to start your training today." She reached down videos xnxx and pulled up a stack of papers from https // the chair beside her and slid them across the table. "You will need these. ID's, driver's license, health insurance card and all your other personal effects and accounts, but all now set up in the name of Jacqueline Donovan xnxx asia instead of John." "And my friends? site xnxx The nxxn people who know me?" www xnxx "Now remember only Jacqueline, and as for friends, some adjustments had xnxx com/ to be made there, too. You have a history of being one of the girls instead of one of the boys. You are the cheerleader instead of the cheered. And before you jump on me, no, you don't have a wwwxnxx boy friend. Given your looks, that may raise some issues for you, but I figured you would rather deal with those questions free porn instead having to xxnn deal with a man." Jack's face fell as he took it all in. Finally, he sighed and took a bracing sip of his coffee. "So, my life is wiped as xnxx teen clean as everything that was mine was blotted out of my room. Is nothing mine, anymore, Mother?" She was simply too tired to argue with him. The magic she had expended the night before had taken its toll on all her resources. She was exhausted and needed rest. "Had to be done. Step one of your trip back to your old male self. xnxx porno Every indian xnxx little reminder of your masculinity will set back your progress. Remember, the requirement is that you must fully acclimate to being a woman." She looked up and saw the pain in her daughter's face and immediately video porno understood. "Oh, don't look xxnx that way." she said disgustedly. "None of your things are gone forever. The instant your nxxn chromosomes are XY again, they xnxx barat will reappear. Just like magic." Jack could not quite hid the glimmer of a smile at her little joke, but tried anyway. "So, what is the plan for https // today, teacher? What little punishments are on the docket, today?" Laurie wanted to xnxx com scream, but didn't. It wouldn't do any good and she needed to conserve what energy she still had. With a calmness that did not remotely resemble her actual feelings, she answered, xnxx mom "As long as you consider it punishment, Jacqueline, we might as xnxx hd well do xnxx/ nothing. Get this straight, okay? You have to work at this. Moreover, you have to want it. It would be best and perhaps even easiest, if you could want the experience for itself, for the simple pleasure of xnxx telugu being a beautiful woman. But if you cannot want it xnxx stories for that, then at least want it because it is the only way you are going to achieve your goal." With great effort, Laurie used both hands xnxx indo to push herself to her feet. She kicked a shopping bag over to Jack. "You have two tasks today, one fairly simple; the www xnxx other will xnxx porn apparently not be so simple. In that bag you will find a full set of clothes in your new sizes. Skin out. You need to learn how to dress yourself, and to get used to xnxx indian how women's clothes free porn xnxx tamil feel on porn xnxx your body. I suggest xnxx india you dress and undress yourself several times until you get the hang of it." A sly grin momentarily lit her xnxx selingkuh face. "There are several pairs of hose in there since you will probably run the first couple of pairs. Try to get it right before you ruin the last pair." "It might be easier if you would bokep xnxx try not to have quite so much fun with this at my expense, Mother." Jack said darkly. Her momentary pleasure instantly evaporated. "I wanted to have fun doing all of this with you, Jacqueline. xnnx I'd always believed that when this time came for us, I would relive through you all the lovely and joyful things I discovered with my own mother when she taught me. Can't you let me have what little crumbs of pleasure xnxx sex video that fall my way in this?" Jack was not going to let her make him feel small in this. He wasn't - this was her fault and if it xnx was not as pleasurable as she had wished it would be, xnxx selingkuh well xnnn that was a small thing compared to what she had done to him. He ignored her question and instead asked one of his own in a toneless, inflection- less voice. "You said xnxx sex video there were two things I had to accomplish today. What was the other task?" Recognizing the xnxxx implicit rejection of her request, Laurie responded in equally cold tones of her own. "You need to start thinking of yourself in the feminine. Understand that I can hear your thoughts, feel your emotions, Jacqueline. You xnxx jav are trying xnxx download to perpetuate the image of yourself as a xxnxx man stuck in a woman's body." xxx videos "Well, that is exactly what I am, thanks to you!" he snarled. "As long as that is what you think you are, that is all you will be, daughter. And we can go no further in your training until you start accepting the reality of your female state." Laurie turned and walked back to stand before her child. "Believe me, Jacqueline, if I could somehow undo the porn videos Transformation, or if I could somehow go back in time xnxx japan and make it so that none of this ever happened, I would do it. xxx video No matter what the cost to myself. If my last drop of heart's blood would make you what you long to be, I would cut my wrists here and now. But those are not options. Only you can do what needs xnxx india be done." xnxx bokep She absently brushed an xnxx video escaped lock of black hair from Jacqueline's eyes. "Only you. I am going up to bed and get some rest. Later today, we will go out and xnxx jepang get you some more clothes." She spun on her heel and left the room. Jack, no, *Jacqueline* sat sipping *her* coffee in the xnxx tv eerie silence. He, dammit, *she* was at a wwwxnxx loss about what to do next. This thinking in the female tense was going to be a bitch. *She* sat there for a little more vina garut xnxx than an hour, practicing *her* feminine thinking. Toward the end of *her* mental recitation period, *she* only had tamil xnxx to correct him, blast, *her*self xnxxx about every fifth xnxx sex videos or xnxx sixth time. Progress was progress, *she* supposed. xnxx gay Maybe it would even be good enough for a start, anyway. There was one problem, though. Maybe it was a holdover from the way *her* Mother had introduced him, err, *her* to *her* new self, but one thing was very, very clear. He/She/Whatever _*hated*_ the name "Jacqueline" and He/She/Whatever xxnx _*always*_ would! Well, there was not much to be done about it now. Not with all those records xnxx/ already done. *She* did not www.xnxx know much about how magic desi xnxx really worked, but *she* did know that changing all those records xnnn and memories had cost *her* mother dearly, xnxx 2019 and the strength Mum had expended doing that magic would not likely indo xnxx be replenished any time soon. Sighing, *she* xnxx movies decided that it was not a battle worth fighting and picked up the bag with his, no, make that *her* new clothes and trudged off to practice dressing. Five hours later, xnxx mom Laurie, alert and refreshed, came downstairs where she found her daughter sprawled on the sofa watching the 24-hour news channel. Apart from her ungainly and totally unladylike posture, Laurie's discerning eyes (and other, less common senses) could find definite improvements since that morning. The simple knit sweater and skirt set had been selected because they would not pose too many challenges for her daughter who still thought and acted like a son. No buttons on the "wrong" side, no zippers in the xxx video back - just a simple, loose pullover sweater blouse that porn xnxx draped xnxx porno casually over the waist xnxx indo of an equally loose, knee length skirt that zipped up the side. The pantyhose xnxx hd weren't rent from ankle to thigh with ladders and runs, and the simple black pumps with only the merest xxn xnxx jepang hint of a heel gay xnxx fit perfectly. Jacqueline had not ventured so far as to try any of the cosmetics her Mother xnxx bokep had carefully selected and arrayed on her vanity, but she had made a fairly good attempt at taming that gorgeous hair of hers. She had done a reasonably good job figuring out how xnxx movies to put on the hair sex videos band that pulled the curling mass away from her face. Of course, that particular invention was probably the daughter of necessity xxx since seeing clearly xnxx videos through long hair was annoying at best. "I can see that deportment and posture will be porno among our first lessons." she said aloud. Her voice obviously startled her child for she jumped and nearly slipped off the couch in her surprise. "Well, Jacqueline, stand up, please and let me get a good look at you." The eyes xnx that met Laurie's were still cold and distant, but with great deliberation, the body moved to obey her site xnxx request. Stage one begins, she thought - sullen, malicious compliance to any order, intermixed xnxx stories with enough body language to show just how obnoxious you and obeying you really are. Laurie moved behind her daughter, as much to gain a xvideo moment's respite from those eyes as to check out the rest of the xnxx cina outfit. "You need to be more careful with laying out your skirts before you sit, dear. The back of your skirt is frightfully wrinkled and xnxxx crushed from the way you sat upon it, Jacqueline." "Jackie." The response was not at all what she was expecting and Laurie was momentarily at a loss for words. "I beg your pardon?" "I wish to be called Jackie. I detest the porno xnxx name www xnxx com xnxx cina Jacqueline - it reminds me too much of our confrontation yesterday and last xxx night and therefore is non-productive - like the possessions I *used* to love and own. Since I suspect that you won't have xnxx barat the strength to change the world for me xnxn again anytime soon, Jackie is the best compromise I can come up with." "I see. That may be difficult for me as Jacqueline was the name I had chosen for you since you were born. That is really why you were called Jack. Since I always knew it would be my duty to bring tamil xnxx you to your full powers by exposing you to the Transformation Spell, you have always been Jacqueline in my heart." That had been the wrong thing to say and Laurie knew it the instant she saw her child's face. "I was not born female and I will gay xnxx not respond to Jacqueline, so get used to calling me Jackie or perhaps just "hey, you" will do. What is in your xxxx heart is not something I am greatly concerned with at this point in my life, Mother." Laurie coughed to choke back the sob. "Very xnxx anime well. Jacqu... I mean, Jackie. I will try." The love Jackie still felt for his Mother twisted inside her own heart and he, dammit www xnxx com again, *she* tried to make it a little easier for both of them. "It will do you good, Mum, to have to stop and consider *your* words before you speak or even think. It will give you an idea of how hard thinking of myself as *she* and www xnxx com *her* has been and continues to be for me. Tell you what, we xnxx. can spell my new call name with a 'cq', instead of a 'ck'. Jacqui." She spelled the name out aloud. "How's xnxx anime that for a compromise? Best deal you are going to get today." A little bubble of hope rose in Laurie's breast. "Okay." xvideos she whispered and then added. "Sounds fair." She shook off the emotion. They had much yet to do this day. "So, I will ask how the dressing up practice went xnxx teen since I can already sense your effort to think 'girl'. I applaud you progress there, vidio xnxx by the way." You only have about 99.99% of the way yet to go, but that is further then I expected to find you given the way you reacted this morning, she thought. "So, are you ready to go shopping for new clothes? You need skirts, blouses, dresses, shoes and of course, some lovely knickers and other japanese xnxx undies." she dropped her eyes xxnxx to Jacqui's legs. "How many of your pantyhose are left intact?" A rosy blush crept up her daughter's cheeks. "Ummm. Just these." Laurie cocked an eyebrow. "They, uhhh, seemed to run awfully easy." "Those were the industrial strength, heavy weave nylon, dear, designed specifically *not* to run. I suppose you just tried to pull them on like trousers?" A hesitant nod was her answer. "Yes, well, there are tricks I will teach you before you put on any of the really silky stockings xnxx japanese we will buy today. Any other troubles?" Another, even redder blush and a cough to clear her throat. "The bra. I am not flexible enough to reach behind me and latch xnxx porn it while trying to look in the mirror. xnxx vina garut I finally had to hook the thing in front and then spin it around behind me." "Good on you, girl. That works, particularly with everyday things. Some of the xxnn frilly stuff xnxx japan might need a little gentler hand, but we can work up to those. Other than that, how do you feel in those clothes?" "Underdressed. I notice drafts a lot. Very uncomfortable." Laurie nodded. The answers were honest and were to be xnxx sex expected. zoo xnxx At least Jacqui was talking with her with some degree of openness xxx sex xnxx again. "All right, then. You will get used to those feelings. We'll have you turned out to xnxx com a fair- thee-well after today and you will have ample opportunity to get used to skirts and their little foibles and traps." "What about trousers, jeans? I would like some jeans, Mother." That was a problem. Mentally saying goodbye to their momentary peace, Laurie answered. "That site xnxx is not in your best interest, dear. You xnxx app already know how to wear pants. You will learn what it is to be xnxxcom a woman much more quickly xnxn if you work at being an especially feminine woman. You have so much to learn in a short time. Don't forget, besides your own goals in this, you will start school again in a few weeks. You will need a whole range of behaviors at your command to deal with school as a girl instead of as a boy." "Just one pair? For knocking about? Won't it seem xnxx .com strange to xnxx com my girlfriends if I never wear anything but dresses and skirts?" Jacqui pleaded. "How about if I promise to always xxx videos wear my frilliest bra and knickers when I wear the jeans?" Pleased that Jacqui had not gotten her back up, Laurie smiled. "All right, but just one pair. They will be very, very tight and you will also agree to wear only high heeled shoes when you wear the jeans, too." That would serve two purposes, Laurie thought. It was nearly impossible to forget video xnxx you were a girl when wearing jeans that were a couple of sizes too small, and it would get her daughter into real heels more quickly. "Heels?" xxn Jacqui momentarily bridled, but then deflated. "Okay, I agree." "Let's go get ready to leave. Your purse is with mine in the foyer and your new ID are already in it." Laurie turned toward the front door. "Mum?" The name she had not heard without sarcasm in over 48 hours brought her up short. She turned and cocked a brow at xnxx cina Jacqui. "Two things, first. One, I want to see a doctor - a real one, not one of your witch cronies. I want advice on birth control and I don't want xnxx sex you to interfere in any way or to try to stop me." Laurie understood where that was coming xvideos from. Jacqui was starting to understand the full erotic potential and xnnx demands of her new body. She was still female because she had been unable to resist the demands of her new sexuality. Conceiving a child was not on her agenda, *yet*, and she was trying to take action to avoid getting caught between some guy and her own burgeoning hormones. "All right. We can select one of your choice from the phone book, completely at random if that will make you feel more xnxx download comfortable. However, you should porn understand that mom xnxx the proper term for the type of doctor you want is a gynecologist." The "so-what" xxx xnxx look that indian xnxx revelation elicited made Laurie decide to change the subject. sex videos "One other thing, dear. You need to know something about Transformed women. Whether we use contraception or not, we get pregnant when we want the child of the man video xnxx making love to us." "I want to see a doctor, xnxx hindi Mother, and xnxx arab I want birth control." Jacqui's tone brooked no further discussion on the issue. xnxx hindi Sighing, xnxx arab Laurie wondered what the girl was thinking. Obviously, she did not believe her xnxx regarding the effectiveness of the contraceptives. "Very well. We can set up the appointment right now and go as soon as the doctor can see you. I can vina garut xnxx go with you or you can go alone, but you have my personal word of honor, that I will do nothing to influence or impede you in any way. And xnxx. the other thing?" The look of relief on Jacqui's face was painful to Laurie who was only just beginning to really understand how thoroughly she had shattered her only child's faith and trust in her. "I'd like to get my hair xnxx. cut. Lots of women have short hair. I don't want to have to deal with this mop for the rest of my time as a woman." Damn, damn, damn! thought Laurie. "Jacqui, could we hold off vidio xnxx on that, please? At least for a little sex video while, until you have had a chance to learn how to care for your hair? You can always get it cut, bokep xnxx but it will take months and months to grow it back. I think you xxnx should wear it long, just xnxx hd as I think you should stick xnxx anime to skirts and dresses, xnxx com/ but if, after a reasonable attempt to live with it, you still want to cut it, then I won't stand in your way." "I could just hack porn it off in my room, Mother." the frustration was back in her xnxx com/ daughter's voice. "Yes, you could. If you get to the point where you are that unhappy with it, then tell me and we will go sex video straight off to the beauty parlor. Please, Jacqui, all I am asking is that you give me a sex chance, luv." Her eyes were wide with xnxx videos entreaty as she looked at Jacqui. "Please." She said again. The pleading in his, *her* mother's voice touched that hurting core of love inside Jacqui. "All xnxx gay right. I will give it two weeks, halfway until school opens. That should give you porn time to teach me how to deal with it so that it does not get in my way. If it is still a hassle after that, it goes. Fair enough?" "Fair enough. Now, can we please go? I want to go **SHOPPING** with my daughter." "Shopping." There was video porno a world of difference xnxx hot in the way the two women said the word. "You sure you can't just get everything mail order? I'd wait." "Over xnxx japan my dead body, young lady. I am determined to enjoy this and nothing is going sex to ruin it for me. Now move that cute butt and let's go." A Change of Direction Chapter 9 Laurie gently eased her tired body into the steamy, fragrant bubbles and all but whimpered with pleasure. The two weeks since she had fouled up the Transformation of her son Jack into her daughter Jacqui had been difficult, to say the least. xnxx .com All the same, there had been a few noteworthy successes. She was lying in one of them. Jacqui had fallen hopelessly in love with bubble baths. Quite a departure from the son who thought that more than two minutes in a shower was wasted time. Of course, the innate sensuousness and sensuality that the Transformation imposed on Jacqui had a great deal to do with that. xnxx jav After xxxx that first time, when she free porn had needed to frog-walk the girl into the tub after their marathon shopping expedition, Jacqui had practically grown xnxx jepang webbed feet. It xnxx hot was a good thing they japan xnxx each had their own full bathroom or it would have xnxx sex videos been shampoo bottles at ten paces xnxx indonesia and may the more determined woman get the tub. After a week of work, she had convinced Jacqui that she could live with hair longer than the skull hugging bob she'd found in a fashion magazine. Not that her daughter would not have looked fantastic in that hairdo. They had ended up xnxx indian compromising, again. The result was a trim that left enough hair to reach down her back to her shoulder blades, but that xnxx indonesia was easy to brush out in the morning and that tended to stay out of Jacqui's face. The trip to the gynecologist had been a revelation to both of them. Laurie had been dumbfounded to learn that her daughter was "virgo intacto". That meant that her son had never enjoyed sexual intercourse with a girl xnxxcom or woman. By its very nature, the Transformation Spell Transformed virgins into virgins. Well, that was one experience that Jacqui had to look forward to that Laurie had no personal knowledge of - Larry had not been a virgin when his Mother had Transformed him, so Laurel had not possessed an intact hymen at her "birth". That could pose problems later on. She xnxx porn would need to discuss this with the others. sunny leone xnxx For Jacqui, the unhappy discovery that "Dr. M. L. Sullivan" was a woman whose name was Michelle porn xnxx Louise had been daunting. It was something of a hoot to try and convince the girl that, given that she was now a girl, undressing and being intimately examined by a female was *supposed* to be less embarrassing for her. Still, it had all gone very well, and if Jacqui had xnxx app asked questions more suited to a 12 year xnxx korea old just entering puberty than to a fully developed and nearly xnxx stories mature xnxx mom 18 year old, the doctor had done nothing to make her daughter more uncomfortable than she already was. All in all, the doctor did Jacqui a lot of good. Laurie would xnxx tamil remember her for the others who had sons due for Transformation. The brassieres had been a minor problem. Jacqui hadn't understood how to adjust them videos xnxx and had finally been forced to come to her Mother for help because her shoulders and breasts hurt so badly at the end of the day. The misadjusted bras were pulling her bosoms in directions nature had not intended and were not distributing the weight properly. Besides, she had adjusted the back straps much too tightly in an effort to use the bras to www.xnxx hide her nicely rounded breasts. A few adjustments and realignments, along porn videos with a little motherly advice had solved those problems. And it wasn't as if the girl was grossly huge, anyway. She had a lovely figure, curvy where she should be, slender where she should be. If only she'd appreciate it, Laurie mourned. Cosmetics were another non-winner. The memory of Jacqui's furious tantrum at home after Laurie had sprung an unannounced, full up make-over on the girl during that visit to the xnxx sex beauty parlor still made Laurie shudder. That blowup had surprised Laurie almost as much as Jacqu